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Met Masts

KONA are industry leaders in Met Masts and Meteorological Instrument Technologies. We provide a full turnkey solution encompassing Design, Manufacture, Installation, Commissioning, Maintenance and Refurbishment services to our clients across Ireland, UK, Europe, Middle East, and Africa..
We are renowned work at height experts since 1981 and are fully certified with unlimited height insurance for erecting Guyed Masts & Self Supporting Towers.
Our SLX brand of met masts and instrumentation mounts are designed to fully comply with IEC 61400.12.1 for Wind Resource Assessment, Power Curve Testing and Reference Wind Measurements. The SLX model range includes TMMs (temporary met masts) & PMMs (permanent met masts) for Onshore Wind and PMMs for Offshore Wind.
SLX Series 1 – Tubular Met Mast
SLX Series 2 – Lattice Met Mast (Light Duty)
SLX Series 3 – Lattice Met Mast (Medium Duty)
SLX Series 4 – Lattice Met Mast (Heavy Duty)
SLX Series 5 – Self Supporting Lattice (Onshore)
SLX Series 6 – Self Supporting Lattice (Offshore)
We also offer a full range of Meteorological Instruments, Data Loggers, SoDARS, LiDARS, Ancillaries & Accessories.
Industry leading Installation Methodology & Reporting.

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