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KONA @ RenewableUK 2015 (Stand #171)

KONA will be exhibiting at RenewableUK’s 2015 Annual Conference at the ACC Liverpool 6 – 8th October 2015.
Visit KONA Stand (#171) to discover our YDOS Wind Measurement System Operating Lease Plan, whereby we own and manage the asset – you own the data.

kona stand

Stop by to meet our team…
Koyelia Sirkar (Marketing Manager)
Myles Hand (Sales Manager)
Arturas Juscius (Lead Estimator)
Stephen Reilly (Managing Director)
Max Graeber (Ammonit)



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To book appointments, please email us at We look forward to seeing you.


EirGrid publishes WFPS met mast requirements

EirGrid, Ireland’s state-owned electric power transmission operator, have published requirements for met masts on wind farms.

Ireland and Northern Ireland are committed to increasing the level of renewable electricity on the power system to 40% by 2020. The EirGrid eirgrid-logoGroup is leading this change and is working with all industry stakeholders to meet these renewable electricity targets.

The document issued lists the clauses in the Grid and Distribution Codes that outline the requirements for all WFPS (Wind Farm Power Stations).

Click on the link below to read the report:

KONA are Ireland’s leading supplier of met masts. Find out more here:

oranmore concrete precast hollowcore

Wind Tower Assembly

oranmore concrete precast hollowcore

Wind Sensor Installation

oranmore concrete precast hollowcore

Tiltable Sensor Mast

oranmore concrete precast hollowcore

Arklow Bank Offshore Met Mast

oranmore concrete precast hollowcore

SLX5 Tower Check Assembly

oranmore concrete precast hollowcore

Self Supporting Tower

oranmore concrete precast hollowcore

Critical Communications Tower

KONA to announce its WDS Division at IWEA 2015‏

The IWEA Annual Conference 2015 sees the official launch of KONA Wind Development Services (KONA WDS) and our KONA Wind Measurement System – Operating Lease Plan.

What can KONA WDS do for you?

  • Continuously monitor and analyse customers potential projects and existing assets
  • Master the vast amount of data recorded for each data set
  • Analyse, monitor, & manage the collected data
  • Understand arising issues so we can advise and install confidence
  • Take the necessary steps needed to optimise our service offer/ operation
  • Advise our customers e.g. maximise the availability, performance, and potential energy production

The result is bankable data and a faster return on investment.

Some advantages of KONA Wind Measurement System – Operating Lease Plan:

  • We own and operate the asset – you own the data
  • Free up capital – eliminate depreciation
  • Fully inclusive system from survey to MCP report
  • Simple finance structure – monthly payments for data delivery
  • Superior performance for less investment

Find us at IWEA Stand #26 IWEA Annual Conference, Dublin 25th-26th March 2015