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Another record for KONA‏

A new record for KONA. We are delighted to announce the successful installation of our tallest self supporting lattice tower in our 33 year history.

The 100m SLX5 PMM (permanent met mast) was supplied by KONA to Gaeltec – KTL who are constructing the Mount Lucas Windfarm for Bord na Mona in Ireland.
Designed to BS8100, BS5950 & ISO EN 61400-12-1 for 25 years (minimum) service life, the SLX5 PMM is fast becoming the tower of choice for wind farm developers across Ireland & UK.

Current SLX5 PMM orders include: another 100m Ireland, 2 x 80m Ireland, 72m Jordan, 2 x 70m Scotland and 2 x 65m UK with several more in the planning phase – one of which is some 135m high.

slx 5 - new record KONA.001