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KONA secures another PMM contract from SSE Renewables

KONA have secured the contract for the installation of two 80m SLX5 PMMs (our new SLX5 series permanent met masts) for our client SSE Renewables as part of the construction of the 16 MW Langhope Rig windfarm in the Scottish Borders in the UK.

Our SLX5 self-supporting model, is designed to BS8100 & BS5950 for 25 years on site service life.
This order represents nearly 950 masts installed by our company thus far.

The SLX5 tower, modular design in plan, is available from 6m to 100m and is ordered to site specific design for the local site environmental conditions and payload requirement.

Current orders for the SLX5 series met mast include 2 x 100m Ireland, 2 x 80m Scotland, 80m Northern Ireland, 80m Ireland, 72m Jordan, 2 x 65m Ireland.

KONA slx5 80m met masts

slx mast structureskona sse renewables

KONA Climbing Derrick system in action

KONA Climbing Derrick system for reducing wind measurement instrument uncertainties on tubular met masts.

Over the past number of years KONA has used our Climbing Derrick system for installing wind measurement instruments to a higher degree of accuracy on tubular met masts. By using laser measuring technology with inclinometers we can adjust each instrument individually, compensating for any mast distortion in the X & Y plane.

KONA can also efficiently replace or upgrade instruments individually using the Climbing Derrick, removing the need to tilt down the mast.

See the KONA Climbing Derrick animation below:

Another milestone for KONA

KONA has secured the contract to install two 100m SLX5 Permanent Met Mast for our client Gaeltec – KTL who are constructing the Mount Lucas and Bruckana windfarms for Bord na Mona. The SLX5 is our self supporting model which is designed to BS8100 & BS5950 for 25 years on site service life.

This contract represents another milestone – the SLX5, the tallest self supporting masts in our company’s history.

slx mast structuresbord na mona gaeltec ktl

KONA slx5 80m met masts

KONA slx5 80m met masts