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SLX Mast Structures

slx mast structures

Whatever the application….

  • Private Mobile Radio
  • Wireless Communications incl LAN & WAN
  • Broadcast Radio
  • Microwave and Point to Point radio links
  • Mobile Telephony
  • Radar
  • Floodlighting
  • CCTV
  • Wind Measurement

KONA have the solution…

  • Guyed tubular masts
  • Guyed lattice masts
  • Slimline modular self supporting towers
  • Tubular self supporting towers
  • Angle construction self supporting towers
  • Monopoles & Unipoles
  • Roof mounted structures
  • Onshore & Offshore structures

All our structures are fully compliant with BS8100, BS5950, IS EN 1090-1:2009 + A1:2011

Please contact our sales team who can design a competitive package for your application.

telecom mastOffshore mast for wind measurementmast and turbinetubular tower kona slx masts


oranmore concrete precast hollowcore

Welcome to KONA

Welcome to, our newly launched website for KONA (formerly Lynx metmAsts). Our website is designed for the best browsing experience on mobile, tablet or desktop pc. Over the next while we will populate each section with information and latest news from our KONA Wind, KONA Networks, KONA Telecoms and KONA Masts ranges of products and services. Check back soon for more details. Our website will run in tandem with our new site during our new branding rollout. Sign up for our newsletter to get updates directly into your inbox.