Online Data Monitoring

Online Data Monitoring

KONA also brings Online Data Monitoring from the Industry leader in MetmAst and Data monitoring and management via our ‘Your Data Our Structures’ (YDOS) service. We offer a data monitoring service overseeing your meteorological stations daily and alerting you of any failures as soon as they arise.

This includes the following services:

  • Data management
  • Data Collection
  • Data quality control
  • Alert notification
  • Issuing of periodical status reports

KONA Wind Measurement System – Operating Lease Plan

Now there is a more efficient way to manage your wind resource assessment. Let us free up your CapEx & valuable management time and deliver quality data to maximise your funding opportunities.

Cost Control:

  • We own and operate the asset – you own the data
  • Free up capital – eliminate depreciation
  • Better and more flexible cash flow scenarios, Lower all costs, shift risk to KONA

Benefits of appointing KONA for your data monitoring

  • Frees your timewind measurement
  • Daily monitoring
  • Maximise project returns
  • Cleaned and calibrated dataset
  • Safe, secure and reliable
  • Weekly and monthly reporting
  • Experienced reviewing
  • Any location worldwide
  • Competitive pricing


Retaining KONA experienced, competent analysts to monitor your data frees up your time to focus on other value adding tasks while reassured that your data is looked after properly.

It is well known that a high data coverage is critical to maximise your project’s returns. Monitoring your data daily is an integral component in achieving this goal. Monitoring daily enables us to alert you (or your installer) of any failures or possible issues as soon as possible, reducing downtime.

Your cleaned and calibrated dataset will be available whenever you need it, ready for your own analysis. We monitor any logger type connected to the internet, anywhere in the world. KONA can provide weekly and monthly reporting detailing individual instrument data coverage and statistics along with analysis plots. Analysis plots in the monthly report include: Time series for the month Monthly mean wind speed and coverage Wind rose for current month and overall period Shear plots with power and log law profiles and frequency distribution plots Weekly and monthly reports can be tailored to your needs on request Our servers have the latest anti-virus and AES-256 encryption and we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for data transfer.

Custom-built software, developed in-house, allows our analysts to focus on inspecting your data instead of wasting time manipulating it. This enables KONA to offer a high quality service at a competitive price. Please contact us for pricing.

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