KONA install 1000th mast system‏

KONA install 1000th mast system‏

KONA are delighted to announce that we have recently installed our 1000th mast system.

The system installed for Scene Consulting Limited is a 60m SLX1 TMM (temporary met mast) with meteorological instruments, sensors and a data recording & transmit system. KONA are also providing data monitoring, analysis and reporting to Scene who are Community Energy Specialists.

KONA have been designing and installing mast and tower systems for over 33 years. Our SLX range is fast becoming the design of choice for leading companies involved in Aviation, Broadcast, Telecommunications, and Renewables.

On this happy occasion we would like to thank our many clients, suppliers, and employees for their continued support throughout the years.

Here’s to the next 1000…

photo 1
Scene Consulting Limited – Community Energy Specialists

photo 2Vijay Bhopal (Scene Consulting), Tom Spalding (KONA),
Matt Roy (Greener Leith) & Jelte Harnmeijer (Scene Consulting)

1000th mast