Due to the nature of our business and the environment we work in, KONA are committed to continuous investment in our Quality, Environmental, Health & Safety procedures, training and certification.

Every project we undertake is surveyed by one of our IOSH Project Managers and a site specific Safety Plan including RAMS (risk assessment and method statement) is produced.

Every project is taken under the control of KONA and managed by one of our IOSH PICWs (person in charge of works) for the duration.

All suppliers and sub-contractors including plant operators and crane hire companies undergo our qualification approval procedures and work under our full time supervision at all times.

We audit our personnel and sites regularly and we are regularly audited in turn by our clients who are also qualified in HSEQ procedures.

For over 34 years we have led innovation and development in mast erecting techniques and procedures many of which have been adopted by competitors.

We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our knowledge to prospective clients who are serious about building projects within strict HSEQ guidelines.